I'm a web designer, front end developer, content specialist and occasional programmer based in Corrimal, on the south coast of NSW, Australia. In short, I make websites. I do lots of related things (and lots of unrelated things) but what I do best is make websites. I don't focus on a particular programming language, or a style of visual design, or a type of content - I focus on doing whatever it takes to deliver to my clients their ideal web presence. Because of that, I have some clients who use my services to achieve a specific outcome and I never see them again, and some who become my customers and friends for many years as I hone their web presence to be ever more effective. If your needs resemble those, or anywhere in between, contact me to see what I can do for you.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - A11y Bytes Sydney

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the seemingly inexhaustible Sarah Pulis, one of Australia’s leading digital and web accessibility specialists, A11y Bytes is an event held to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 21 May, itself an innovation of US accessibility warriors Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon.

Following last year’s successful Sydney event, this year Melbourne and Canberra held their own events, and following the success of those two this year, it’s likely to expand into other capital cities next year.

This is an account of the event held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney.

This year, we had a special beginning in the form of a live introduction by Jennison himself, Skyping in from California. It was a great way to start, and really helped to put A11yBytes squarely in the global frame, reminding all of us that what we do in the area of accessibility is reflected... read more


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