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AscientaJuly saw me work on a project in collaboration with Hazel, something we don’t do all that often but which has led to some great results.

In this case, the job was to design, construct and populate with content a small site for a trio of dauntingly high powered business investors who work under the name Ascienta.

Their particular specialty is spotting progenitors of disruptive technology and giving them support in the form of investment funding, business expertise and impeccable connections.

They search out creators of the technology that will dominate our futures, but which are unlikely to get anywhere without the kind of support Ascienta can give.

This site would provide an explanation of their approach and background information on the three principals, for which Hazel would create the text content.

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the 4×4 factory

The 4x4 FactoryMy web client work took a bit of a back seat during the rest of April and May, as I took up an opportunity to work in a content aggregation and curation role with a very interesting startup.

It didn’t turn out to be a long term engagemen, but I’ll write about that some other time.

By June, though, I was ready to launch another site, this one a straight out commercial site, The 4×4 Factory.

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change your school

Change Your SchoolThe last site I wrote about working on was TECO, in March of this year.

That time marks the start of my working with Canvas, a WordPress theme designed to work on the WooThemes framework.

In April, I used Canvas to build a site called Change Your School, the web manifestation of a project run by two Sydney teachers as a toolbox for their peers’ professional development.

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kindred1Kindred is a fascinating little movie, and definitely worth catching if you can (the festival circuit is probably your best bet).

It was born out of a recognition that there has not so far been a great deal of science fiction cinema featuring indigenous Australians, even though there is rich ground to be mined around the idea of what it means to be alien.

Crowdfunding raised the necessaries (disclaimer: I donated) to turn a glimmer of an idea into some serious screen time.

The guts of the story is that a modern day young indigenous man feels out of step with his community and their beliefs, declaring to his sister a greater affinity with whatever might be out there in space. Just as their night-time argument draws the attention of a community uncle, the trio is visited and abducted by a UFO.

The rest of the story is told in flashback as the young man is about to be returned to his community. He remembers a series of scenes that take place in the brightly lit, sterile environment of the alien spaceship. How the trio deals with the aliens – and are dealt with – is the core of the movie.

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