I'm a web designer, front end developer, content specialist and occasional programmer based in Corrimal, on the south coast of NSW, Australia. In short, I make websites. I do lots of related things (and lots of unrelated things) but what I do best is make websites. I don't focus on a particular programming language, or a style of visual design, or a type of content - I focus on doing whatever it takes to deliver to my clients their ideal web presence. Because of that, I have some clients who use my services to achieve a specific outcome and I never see them again, and some who become my customers and friends for many years as I hone their web presence to be ever more effective. If your needs resemble those, or anywhere in between, contact me to see what I can do for you.

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For someone who a) loves reading, b) is curious about everything and c) will tackle anything in the course of completing a web project, there is a plethora of email newsletters clamouring to bring interesting articles, news items and blog posts to my attention.

Too much of a plethora (if that’s grammatically possible).

With so many websites now gathering and publishing “news” about IT, tech and the web industry it is simply too time-consuming to follow all the possible sources of what could be key (or even just very interesting) information.

Whereas previously, I did try to browse everything and selectively focus on what seemed most important – typically via digest-type email newsletters and RSS readers – I have now gone the other way, and subscribe to just five email newsletters.

After a couple of months, I believe I have greatly improved the rate at which I keep up with industry developments in general, increased the attention I can give to the... read more


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